Riding the VR wave

My name is Robert Majhen and I am business consultant in Lucera – business incubator in Ludbreg, Croatia, Europe, realized by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts (EU funds) and the City of Ludbreg.
At the moment there are 8 incubated companies.
Beside helping those companies, large part of my job is to invent creative solutions based on new technologies.
Please find some of them listed on this page.

EnvisionCube – Configuration tool


Product is envisioned as a virtual reality room in which a customer can preview a product and see how it would look in a specific environment.
As in our demo, the idea is that parquet is being advertised, but instead of it being somewhere on a shelf and/or previewed via pictures, a customer can put a VR headset and browse through offered parquet floors while walking around the virtual room. Couple of rooms are available to choose from so parquets can be viewed in different scenarios and different lightning conditions giving the customer ability to get a better feel for the product that he couldn’t get in conventional shop.
Of course, we aren’t limited by changing only parquet, rooms can be designed so they can be completely customized from wall coverings, changing color of furniture, even changing furniture itself and rearranging it, depending on products being sold.

EnvisionCube – Visualization tool


We have also anticipated a version of the program that would be used for visualization of blueprints. Not all people have developed the ability to visualize blueprints to get whole picture how their dream home will look like. Using this technology, we can put users in a virtual space where they will get real look&feel of the whole project.

Pipe fitters training tool


Idea of this product is to serve as a educational tool for pipe fitters.
Student is given a specific task to connect two points with a pipe system with obstacles in the way. There are specific parts that he can use in order to complete a task.
Pipes, elbows, reducing couplings, crosses, sockets 3D models can be rotated in any direction and placed.

Main idea is to confront future pipe fitter to the real life problems and after task is completed, the system will automatically point to potential problems.

Augmented reality as the marketing tool

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No matter if you are producing yachts or castles, augmented reality will make additional impact in your presentation where 3D virtual model can be placed in real environment at exact location.

Virtual shopper

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The idea behind Virtual shopper is to collect customer behavior and habits by placing them into virtual shopping scenario. Virtual shop is built with products relevant for market research. Customer is then able to browse, inspect and interact with products, while their actions and movements are recorded. When their VR experience is over, collected data is then compiled into readable charts and presented to a client for further analyse.

Data would consists of:
– a path that customer took through a shop,
– where he stopped and spent most of the time browsing,
– products that caught shopper attention the most (presented by heat maps) and products he ignored.

With that data our client is then able to see where product placement should be in a real shop to get the most of customers attention, which packaging design works in getting customers attention or which one needs to be altered.
Benefits of this system are relatively easy portability (laptop and a VR headset), not a lot of room required for setup (ideally a 5×5 meters room should be enough to allow a customer to move freely) and in VR we can build as big or as small shop as required by a client.

We dare U

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Demo created just for fun. We areusually using this as the opening scene for the VR seminars.

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