EnvisionCube – Configuration tool

Product is envisioned as a virtual reality room in which a customer can preview a product and see how it would look in a specific environment.
As in our demo, the idea is that parquet is being advertised, but instead of it being somewhere on a shelf and/or previewed via pictures, a customer can put a VR headset and browse through offered parquet floors while walking around the virtual room. Couple of rooms are available to choose from so parquets can be viewed in different scenarios and different lightning conditions giving the customer ability to get a better feel for the product that he couldn’t get in conventional shop.
Of course, we aren’t limited by changing only parquet, rooms can be designed so they can be completely customized from wall coverings, changing color of furniture, even changing furniture itself and rearranging it, depending on products being sold.



EnvisionCube – Visualization tool

We have also anticipated a version of the program that would be used for visualization of blueprints. Not all people have developed the ability to visualize blueprints to get whole picture how their dream home will look like. Using this technology, we can put users in a virtual space where they will get real look&feel of the whole project.

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